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SEO Israel was founded in 2003 by Oren Shatz, one of the digital pioneers in Israel. Back in the early days of digital in Israel, when the term “Google SEO” was in its infancy, we at SEO Israel began to pave the way to the top of digital marketing in Israel and became a SEO company that leads the field in Israel.

We Know What Works

It is true that we are in favor of SEO as a service for businesses, but for the sake of fairness we say that there are businesses that come to us as a company and we actually recommend them to invest in a sponsored campaign on Google or in advertising on social networks in order to build a plan that combines a short-term advertising technique with a long-term SEO technique. The reason for this is that there are new business owners without customers – who need a flow to continue investing in the business and develop in terms of the volume of transactions, it is good that they build an active circle of customers for their business while the SEO company builds a strategy and begins to establish the infrastructure that will bring the results in the search engine.

An SEO company cannot be satisfied with only a junior web promoter, despite the necessity of carrying out black jobs of transferring content and making 301 references in the transition of an old website to a new website, the work of a junior SEO web promoter is more Sisyphean and less satisfying than that of an expert SEO web promoter and other SEO professionals that bring results, below is the list of experts who should work separately in a real SEO company:

An expert in the optimization of the website code that helps to improve the loading times of the pages on the website.
An expert in writing quality content that calls to action and contributes to the time spent by surfers on the site.
Expert in building quality links from authoritative websites according to the domain of the website that needs to be promoted.
Expert in strategy and choosing correct and targeted keywords for the website’s potential audience.
An on-page content optimization expert who knows how to write a title and description in an original and unique way.

Target All The Right Customers

Before choosing one of all the SEO companies that exist in Israel, you should carefully check the website promotion contract that is offered to you, here are 3 highlights that you should ask/check:

Is writing the content for the website the responsibility of the customer or the responsibility of the company that provides the service, there are strange cases where amateur companies do not provide the content.
Does, when and how does the promotion company that provides the service report on the website’s positions in Google and the improvement of the positions as a result of their work in the process itself.
A commitment period for the provision of the service as a condition for seriousness on the part of the promotion company, SEO is a long-term job, so it is desirable that both parties recognize the issue ahead of time.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

If you own a business or a company and you see the need for your website to improve its appearance and exposure in the search engine, it is advisable to look for a website promotion service provider, and in particular SEO services performed by a leading company in the field, you can filter out SEO companies that do not have public trust. A company dealing in the web field must dominate the seo world because the Google search engine is the main arena with the greatest exposure for website owners, one should be careful of all SEO companies that do not report on the progress of the process and do not provide a professional contact person. A service whose price is significantly cheaper is a service whose results will probably be accordingly.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

A company with a variety of clients recommend a variety of different occupations that are proof of the ability to advance in all existing categories.
The only ones who provide the service with a SEO system for full control, the system that revolutionized the field of organic promotion in Israel.
A professional and wide-ranging staff in each of the departments operating in the company, the largest company in Israel in terms of number of employees.
A decade of experience and knowledge in the maintenance and operation of organic SEO (SEO) processes in Google Israel mainly but also in the whole world.
Provide a comprehensive solution for Internet marketing through the advertising agency that executes advertising campaigns that increase traffic and help the SEO process.


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